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exterior multipart sections made of fiberglass




 Select from our vast selection of exterior

 display and structural exterior domes

  All made from fiberglass

  Integrate them into the roof structure or

 simply use as architectural ornaments on

 top of functional roofs

 Each dome is made from multiple pieces

 Available Round, Bell Shaped,

 Octagon, Onion

 All custom made

 send us your drawing for quotations



The Full Exterior Dome Collection


 Religious Octagon Dome 52" Fiberglass        












 Onion Dome 57"   Fiberglass        













 Round Dome 6 Feet (72")   Fiberglass   

















 Octagon Dome 8 Feet (96")  Fiberglass  












 Round Dome 8 Feet (96")  Fiberglass  













 Round Diameter 8 Feet   Fiberglass      















 Round Dome 9 Feet 4" (112")   Fiberglass 













 Onion Dome 9FT-5"  Fiberglass     

  click for IPDM5004 












 Round Dome 9 Feet 6" (114")   Fiberglass 














 Round Dome 12 Feet (144")  Fiberglass  















 Round Dome 12 Feet (144")   Fiberglass 













 European Dome 12 FT-5"   Fiberglass     

click for IPDM5052    












 Round Dome 14 Feet    Fiberglass  













 European Dome 14FT-10-3/4" Fiberglass     

  click for IPDM6002 











 Onion Dome 15 Feet   Fiberglass     













 Round Dome 16 Feet   Fiberglass  













 Bell Shape Dome 16 Feet 1"  Fiberglass    













 Round Diameter 17 Feet 7"   Fiberglass       















 European Dome 18FT   Fiberglass     














 Bell Shape Diameter 22-1/2 Feet   Fiberglass     












 Round Diameter 26 Feet 3"   Fiberglass    















 Round Diameter 31 Feet 5"   Fiberglass      



















 Sections of Fiberglass Exterior Domes. Corners create structural integrity

 for cantilevering the dome, Bolt through segments for easy install

 - crated for shipping



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